Monday, September 27, 2010

Will you be left behind?

I have been a student of end times prophecy since I first started attending church back in the 1970's (I guess I just dated myself again). Tim LaHaye's book, The Late Great Planet Earth, was very popular then and our youth group would pile into various parent's cars to attend the WVCY "rallies" that were held at the the War Memorial in Milwaukee where they spoke about the topic.

Even though I found it scary at times, the topic was interesting and it showed me that in the end, God wins, and I found that comforting during my depressing teen years.

The Cold War was in full swing during that time and I remember that many people couldn't believe that a super power like the US was not mentioned as a major player in end times events. It was also hard to imagine how the Mark of the Beast could ever be implemented and how everyone on earth could be able to see the two witnesses laying dead in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 days, all at the same time.

Boy, have things changed since then! These things are absolutely possible today. The world economy proves that it would be very possible for the US to be uninvolved in future events and technology now exists that would enable both the Mark of the Beast and watching the two witnesses all over the world at the same time, a piece of cake. Recent world events as well as a marked increase in earthquakes and floods, all point to the possibility that the end times may be near or even at the door. It is a sobering thought, at least for me.

Last week I tuned in to a TV program that is dedicated to the study of end times prophecy and I was shocked that that particular show was a special presentation ultimately made as a message to people that had been "left behind". It began by explaining why millions of people had suddenly disappeared (in the Rapture) and went on to explain what they could expect during the 7 year Tribulation and how they could come to God and repent and be saved. I was shocked because I always thought of the end times as something that was going to happen way in the future. I realized that I need to be much more vigilant in telling people about Jesus and that faith in Him is the only way to be saved from having to go through the Tribulation and ultimately from the fires of Hell.

I urge you to consider Jesus' command in the Great Commission and seek to make disciples among those in your circle of influence. It is so important during these chaotic times. People are searching for hope and love and Jesus is the answer.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Karen, I am right with you. I do think Jesus will return in our generation. Too many signs from what the Bible says will be happening. I too have been trying to use the chaotic times to speak of Christ. I have also left a letter written in a book. Was that show on a secular station?

Anonymous said...

Oh! I do not mean to be anonymous.

Karen said...

It was The King Is Coming TV show and it is either on Daystar or VCY. You can go to the and either watch it there or read that info.